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Dear fluffs and fluffettes,

You might have wondered why you haven’t heard a whole lot from the Furs on Fire team so far, even though the changing of the New Year is slowly crawling closer and closer.

For the last couple of years we have been organizing Furs on Fire, every year it took a lot of our time and a lot of preparation to get the party up and running. But every year as those last 10 second rolled by and everyone yelled ‘Happy New Year’ from the top of their lungs, you knew it was worth all the time you spent organizing the party.

Even though we had a good concept going on, during 2012 we have been struggling with keeping the fun in organizing the party. It started being less and less of a party to work on and became more and more of a chore that had to be done. We pushed through the inconvenient feeling and while some of you may have had a great time meeting up with friends, having a good ol’ fun time going into the new year, the party lost some of it’s shine for us.

We needed to change things on the organization level to get our enthusiasm back. The ideas to get that back were formed early this year and we started off with renewed energy.

Or so it seemed. Even though we were trying to set up a new concept to work with, the energy to go through with it, to actively work on what we wanted to achieve just didn’t seem to be there. Up to the point where we sat down with each other and really asked ourselves the question: ‘Do we really want to go through with this?’

To us, the answer to that question turned out to be ‘No, we don’t..’

It was with a heavy heart that we made this decision, but we came to the conclusion it was the best way to do it. We had a great load of fun organizing Furs on Fire these last couple of years and we honestly couldn’t have done it without the help of all the volunteers and of course all the attendees.

With that in mind we would like to thank all those people again that made it possible for us to organize Furs on Fire these last few years.

The Furs on Fire Staff
Kaelin, Tsanawo, Storm